How to Keep Your Basement and Crawlspaces Dry

Excessive amounts of moisture is one thing that can really cause an extensive amount of damage to a home in a hurry. The basement and crawlspace areas are where the water likes to accumulate, often with no way of escape. It can begin to erode the integrity of the concrete, cause cracks, uneven settling of the ground beneath the foundation and eventually lead to thousands of dollars in necessary repairs. Below are a few ways to keep these areas dry and in good shape.

Waterproof Membranes

A strong and durable waterproof membrane will wonders at eliminating access to water into the basement, or crawlspace area of your home. These can be placed on the outside wall of the foundation, or you can opt for a complete encapsulation of your crawlspace. Keeping these areas dry helps reduce the chances of foundation damage and improves the quality of the air you breathe in the home. The cost of this protective material is minimal and offers a considerable amount of security for your home against unwanted moisture.

Foundation Repair

Bulging foundation walls, cracks and missing pieces all serve to weaken the base that your home sits on. Not only does this raise red flags with safety, but it invites water to enter your basement, or crawlspace areas. This will cause the already damaged foundation to worsen over time. Addressing these problems and getting them repaired is the only way to keep the foundation of your home in good health.

Proper Drainage

Serious plumbing leaks, localized natural flooding and heavy storms can bring a lot of water your way in a hurry. There are times that keeping this water out of the basement, or crawlspace is impossible. What becomes more important is how to get the water out as quickly as possible. Providing French drains inside and outside the basement area will redirect the water away from the home, which minimizes any potential damage. A quality sump pump can then put the water into the right drains that carry it off and away from your property.

Concrete Leveling

Foundations that settle unevenly over time can pose a water infiltration problem. You can end up with cracks and missing chunks of concrete. You should have this seen by an expert and fixed as soon as you notice something is off. Your first clues could be cracks on the walls inside the home, doors that no longer want to shut correctly and windows that refuse to budge open. This is the time to investigate the foundation and see if there are settling problems that need taken care of.

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Ideas for housewarming gifts

Whether her friend or loved one has bought a new home is having one built or has simply added a new addition to their existing home, it’s always a good idea to celebrate this accomplishment with a housewarming gift. However, with so many fantastic gift ideas it made be difficult to decide on which option is the right be difficult to decide on which option is the best choice. Here’s a list of some of the best housewarming gift options and what makes them the right choice for your loved one.

A potted plant

When choosing a potted plant opted for one that doesn’t require that much maintenance such as an African violet or peace lily. Additionally, if your loved one, loves to cook, you may want to get them a potted herb plant such as Sage or Thyme.

A bouquet of flowers, preferably daffodils

The reason daffodils are the best type of bouquet to give as a housewarming present is because daffodil symbolizes New Beginnings.

An Edible Arrangement

Who doesn’t love receiving delicious food as a gift? Not only is an Edible Arrangement a great housewarming gift it also can serve as the desert at a housewarming party

A time capsule to bury in their new backyard.

This is a great option if you are loved one happens to be big on nostalgia. Simply place items that are related the year that they purchased their new home and make plans to dig it up 5 to 10 years from now.

A Wind Chime

Not only is this gift a wonderful way to add a decorative touch to a new home they also symbolize good luck.

A Picture Frame

This housewarming gift works even better if you place a picture that means a lot to your loved one in the frame before you give it to them.

Small kitchen appliances like a blender

You can’t go wrong with a practical gift such as a blender or a toaster. This option is perfect if your loved one enjoys cooking.

All of these amazing housewarming gift ideas are great ways to celebrate your loved one’s new home. And for those that are interested in getting an Edible Bouquet for their loved one be sure to visit


Generating Household Heat With A Wood Boiler Or Furnace

After doing the last project. I was impressed by how well informed I became about an old, yet new form of heating. When it comes to generating heat in your home, this site covers the various ways to use the old fashioned wood burning furnace to warm your home. Furnaces are built better today with the ability to contain the burning embers more effectively. A wood furnace is generally made of welded steel featuring cast-iron doors. I had no idea they could generate well over 60,000 BTU’s and can heat spaces up to 1,800 square feet large.

If the thought of burning wood indoors makes you uncomfortable, consider the outdoor wood furnace that provides indoor heat for many areas of your home, but the heating unit is stored outside. This outdoor wood boiler can heat many buildings at the same time: the main house, garage, work room, separate office, guest house, etc. With an outdoor furnace, you still benefit from wood burning heat without the trouble of tending to a wood stove.

Maintaining a wood furnace is not that difficult but is serious business because failing to maintain your furnace could result in a house fire. Burn only dry seasoned wood. After cutting the wood it should sit from 6 months to one year. Do not over-fire your stove. Your fires should burn fast and hot and promote complete combustion. Slow and warm fires do not promote complete combustion. With hot fires you get maximum heat released and only a small accumulation of creosote in the flue. Check out the website for and buy a wood stove. If you can buy a wood burning stove with a fan to move the heat around the room. Read and understand all the instructions that come with your stove. Operating your furnace within the constraints in your instructions will give you the maximum use from your furnace and keep you within the safe operating guidelines.

To reduce the added precautions needed when using a wood furnace, use an outdoor wood boiler. The wood boiler sits outside your home 30 to 200 feet away from your house. The boiler works with your existing heating system: forced-air furnace, radiant baseboard, or radiant floor heating, giving you control over the thermostatic temperature. Because the unit sits outside you avoid a lot of indoor furnace maintenance and still enjoy the benefits of wood burning heat. I learned a lot about wood burning furnaces and my education about heating was brought into the twenty-first century. Now I know wood burning furnaces still have a place as a heating option for homes.

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Classic Tropical Island Home Decor

You’ll be catching on to some tendency that is growing hugely over recent years, if you’re considering creating a Tropical sanctuary at home. Individuals join and balmy water and the tropical motif together. With the stressful and frantic lives now, everybody loves in order to bring some of that unique tranquility back.

It’s possible for you to transform your house into a soothing, relaxing and tranquil retreat and recreate this vacation feeling by selecting the most appropriate Tropical Home décor. It hasn’t been more easy to since in fact, there are thousands of tropical themed things to add a tropical touch to your own house available, in various colours and patterns. The most difficult part of transforming your house will be the enormous quantity of to make your décor function nicely together to appear in harmony and selection.

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Here are several suggestions that may help you in your method of transforming your house with Tropical Home décor:

Included in these are distinct green tones, tan, camel, beige, deep brown, soft gold, ivory and light yellows. You’ll be able to even add dull tones that are crimson, but only to accentuate the subject. These colours should be discovered in your furniture and window coverings, in your floors, walls.

They elude natural relaxation, and their texture and pattern will appear spectacular and in tune with nature and have great durability. Use these substances in walls, floors and your furniture, window coverings, or even some of your decorations, like images and bowls.

 tropical home decor fabric tropical home decor ideas tropical home decor pictures tropical home decor trend

To add the specific Tropical touch you can not do without plants. The tropics will be brought by any broad leaf plants, not to mention palm trees right into your house. In the transformation they’re going to play a large part with intelligent light from underneath! They’re able to take the materials you use – consistently supple and soft, an ottoman, or perhaps some pillows, with a leopard or zebra print.

You should keep little accessories to the absolute minimum. They’re able to make your house feel littered. Preferably have a few daring, accessories that are larger to keep the feeling of composure. It is necessary to keep to lines that are flat, as they propose the relaxation and calmness that’s so significant within Tropical Home décor.

Tropical Home Decor tropical home decorating ideas tropical home decorations tropical scene home decor and gifts