Purchasing a condo is quite different from purchasing a traditional, single-family home. To make sure you make the most of this buying opportunity, there are several things to consider. Condos are usually shared property with individual owners for every unit. Multiple units are often contained within one building, but you can also find individual detached units.

Condominiums frequently offer an array of shared amenities, such as pools, tennis courts, and fitness centers. In some situations, you can purchase this type of multi-family housing for much less than what a single-family residence would cost. If you are looking at condos for sale in Marin County, here are some tips that can help with your decision.

Is a Condo a Good Fit for You?

It is important to consider whether condo living is right for you before diving right in and purchasing one. One of the biggest differences between a condo and a single-family home is how close you will be to your neighbors and the number of neighbors you are likely to have. This can provide a great sense of community.

If you don’t have time or the interest needed to maintain a yard or deal with other types of upkeep around your home such as snow removal, this type of property may be for you. Typically, you are only responsible for the interior.

Do you Have a Real Estate Agent with Condo-Selling Experience?

Because condos usually come with a Homeowners’ Association in place, you have to sign the HOA contract and agree to abide by the rules that have been set. You are also responsible for monthly fees. Working with an agent who understands the ins and outs of condominiums will help you know exactly what you are getting for the price you are paying.

Being informed and knowing what to expect from condo ownership can help you make the right decision regarding this purchase. Working with an experienced agent will also help reduce the stress that comes with buying this type of home.