5 Ways Ice Makes Life a Little Cooler

A fully functional ice maker is less of a modern convenience and more of an essential piece of equipment during periods of excessive heat. They help create the way to stay cooler on a daily basis. Below are five of the top ways ice makes life a little cooler for everyone.

Homemade Ice Cream

Ice is one of the main ingredients used to make homemade ice cream. Hand-crank ice cream machines are relatively cheap now, but you can even opt to purchase an automatic turning machine. It will not make a large quantity, but the quality of the result will make it a favorite dessert during the warmer months. You have complete control of the ingredients. Adding real fruit gives it a freshness that is not available in store freezer selections.


Real fruit infused with ice crystals make a slushy one of the most desired treats offered at ice cream stands. Colorful, flavorful and cold are the trademarks that keep people coming back for more. You can add to the flavors by dropping in fresh-squeezed lemon and lime juice, fresh chopped mint, or a splash of sweet tea. All you need to make this summertime treat is ice, fruit, your choice of extra ingredients and a good blender.

Standard Iced Drinks

Sweet tea, lemonade, Sangria and fruit punch are all drinks that taste much better when ice is added to the glass. You will use less ice by chilling the drink well before adding ice and serving. The drink will stay more potent.


Taking the family to the park and backyard barbecues require the use of coolers to keep drinks cold and refreshing. You can make the water that results from melting ice even colder by adding a cup of salt at the bottom of the cooler before placing the ice inside.

Ease Aches and Pains

Warmer weather tends to get people out and more active. Pulling and straining muscles require a little extra care when you get home. Having ice on hand for such moments will help ease some of the aches and pains of muscle strains.

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How to Preserve Your Foods When You Need a Fridge or Freezer Repair

Catching a serious problem with your refrigerator or freezer is critical to helping preserve the foods you have stored. Calling the right repair service is a great first step, but how do you keep the foods inside from perishing as you wait? The good news is that if you prepare a little ahead of this type of disaster, you should make it out just fine, with all food intact.

Maintain a Full Freezer

The more items you have in your freezer, the longer it will take for everything to thaw. Keep the freezer compartment as full as possible. If the items begin to dwindle, add more ice trays. Frozen water can be the saving grace and help you maintain a cold temperature until a quick repair can be made.

Keep the Door Shut

As tempting as it is to check on things, every time you open the door you are letting precious cold air escape. Do the initial adjustments that are needed and then close the door. Keep it closed until a repair has been made. You will be surprised at how cool it can stay if the door seals are in good shape.

Use Dry Ice

Dry ice is a chemical mix that when air hits it creates cold air. You can place packs of dry ice right above any of the foods you want to maintain at a low temperature. You need several packs for a large size deep freeze. This can be helpful if it will be a few hours before a repair can be made.

Ask Friends, Family and Neighbors to Help Keep Frozen and Perishable Foods

Do not be shy about asking anyone you know to help by offering a little freezer and refrigerator space to preserve your food items. You may end up with items scattered over a wide area, but everything can return once the repairs are made to your refrigerator or freezer. It might cost a little in time and gas, but it will save a bunch of money when it comes to replacing food.

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