If you have a pond in your yard, there are a few design ideas for fountains and waterfalls that you can make yourself. The design that you create should be of a size that will fit in the pond without being too large or too small. If you want to spruce up your creation, then consider adding lights or sounds. When you begin looking at pond aerators and fountains, you should think about the maintenance involved with them as well as the benefits that each design available offers.

A deck with a pond in the center is a peaceful idea to create in your yard. Add a few plants and flowers as well as a small fountain to keep the water circulating and to provide a relaxing sound as the water flows. You could also create a small waterfall from a large rock design that flows to the pond, emptying at one end.

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your pond design, then consider a pool that is lined along the edges with large rocks. Put a large flower pot in the center of the pool with flowers inside before filling the pool with water. Try to find a flower pot that is about the same depth of the pool so that it doesn’t stick too far up out of the water. You can also add a few fish to your pond or a few flowers around the pot that you positioned in the pool. Another idea is to create a pond in a box. Place a decoration on the side of your house by positioning it on a wooden pallet where water will flow into the pond. You can paint the box any color that you like. However, try to use a color that blends well with the exterior of the home and the details that you add to the pond.